International Student Exchange


The NUS MBA programme gives you the chance to spend a semester abroad at one of 62 top universities worldwide. The experience will expose you to new cultures, political systems and economic environments, and widen your perspectives of international business.

NUS partner schools are members of the prestigious Partner in International Management consortium, an international network of the leading business schools. Member schools reflect the highest standards of management education excellence and deliver a high-calibre MBA or equivalent degree in management.



Broaden your worldview thanks to the international students that NUS Business School welcomes from other elite partner schools. Every semester, the programme receives students from around the world, who add diversity and dynamism to the classroom experience.
* For Incoming students only # For Outgoing students only
“Spending a semester at Kellogg is one of the best decisions I made during the NUS MBA. The Marketing courses here are one of the best in the world of MBA education! I am also amazed by the collaborative and vast student community at Northwestern. I enjoyed the first year of the MBA experiencing Asia and the incredible city of Singapore. Now, I am taking in all that North America has to offer in the charming town of Evanston, while being close to Chicago, a centre of Jazz and Comedy in the US. I highly recommend an exchange semester to make your MBA experience unforgettable. Thank you NUS for this incredible opportunity!” Mehak Chadha Northwestern University, USA
“I am glad I chose Fuqua for my student exchange. Not only is the school great but I have also formed strong friendships with the 40 or more exchangers from all around the world. I would highly recommend Duke if you are looking to make great friends who will be with you even beyond the exchange semester. Fuqua has close to 450 students per intake and I enjoyed interacting with the diverse student community.” Aditya Bajaj Duke University, USA
“I enjoyed my student exchange experience very much and I am grateful to NUS for this opportunity. I actually didn’t encounter much of a cultural shock because we have been exposed to an international environment in Singapore and NUS prior to our student exchange programme. This experience offers me great insights to how courses are taught in other universities. The courses I’ve taken in Emory are quite data-driven, which is different from the courses I took in NUS. One of the most memorable experience was Kegs, which is a tradition at Emory GBS, where 1st and 2nd year students gather every Thursday to meet and communicate with each other in a relaxed setting.” Hazel Jiang Emory University, USA
“Although we are missing Singapore, especially now as it is getting colder, the experience of living in Manhattan has been one of the highlights of the NUS MBA program. I highly recommend spending a semester abroad as it will be very valuable when you return to Asia, especially if you plan on pursuing a career in an outward focused open country like Singapore.” Sean McNulty New York University, USA
“One of the most memorable and challenging class I’ve attended in Yale was ‘Mastering Influence’. We supposed to trade an item of our own, with something that was bigger and better. With some influencing and persuasion techniques I’ve learnt during my module, I traded my fan for a yoga mat!” Rita Khairati Yale University, USA

If you intend to go to UBC alone, you will save huge percentage of expense from housing. The expense for traveling depends on your plan & destination. Overall, living expense of Vancouver is little bit higher than that of Singapore and textbooks are very expensive. Inyeol Han University of British Columbia, Canada

“I believe what makes who we are not only reflect by your academic results but where we have been, what we have experienced. So take advantage of your MBA, its time for you to travel and explore the world”   Vivian Ma HEC Paris, South Korea
“The LBS Exchange is a perfect way to complement and complete your MBA at NUS Business School. LBS allowed me to experience education from a western perspective; I was able to contrast and compare my learnings at NUS as well my experiences of working in Asia with my interactions with professors and students at LBS, and came away with a deep appreciation for importance of cultural diversity.” Manan Golecha London Business School, United Kingdom
The experience of studying at the University of Mannheim Summer School Programme was both an eye opening and enriching experience. The course instructors themselves were, successful entrepreneurs in their own right and gave real world examples while sharing their own experiences on Digital Entrepreneurship. The course mates were highly diversified which lead to interesting and meaningful learning experiences. The course is well balanced such that while it ensures key learning aspects are addressed, that the students themselves had time to get immersed in the culture and appreciate the unique experiences that the city has to offer.” Kevin Tan, University of Mannheim

For students interested in going to Tsinghua University for the summer exchange, I would advise to read up about modern and ancient China, the latest happening in China, the ever changing and fast-evolving China landscape and environment. Be open-minded to new ideas, cultures and do not be blinded by past prejudice. Tan Eng Tat Tsinghua University
This is one of the most amazing week in my MBA life. Not only I learnt from the most famous Korean professors on doing business in Korea, I also learnt from my new friends from UCLA, Toronto University and SNU. It is really a great opportunity to explore Korea. Tu Jinghui Seoul National University
The SEP is so far a great addition to my MBA journey at NUS, especially while Sydney is entering its most beautiful months of the year. Being an exchange student here offers me new learning experience both in and outside the class room. I have been warmly welcomed by AGSM full-time cohorts and got to make new friends from all over the world. What else? Of course, the beach is just around the corner so you can walk 15 mins to the beach right after class. Ngo Ha Linh AGSM
“”Life always begins at the end of your comfort zone. Being in Singapore for more than 7 years, it is good for me to expose to another international environment and I chose Melbourne due to the unique culture and diversity. In addition, Melbourne Business School is one of the best school in Australia, I have met and worked with many outstanding students here. The quality of teaching and studying is excellent, which motivates me to come to school almost everyday. It’s a misconception that Australians are laid-back, they actually work hard and enjoy life even harder. After every group meeting, we usually go to bar in Melbourne old street to drink and chillax. This is when we develop strong bonds from our experience” Su Dinh Khanh University of Melbourne


Incoming Exchange Students from any of our Partner Universities should be nominated by their home university for exchange. When official nomination is received, the NUS MBA Office will contact the exchange student with further information and instructions. You may also refer to the Registrar’s Office Non-Graduating Programs.
The NUS MBA was a perfect match and once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I could foster global network and cultivate cutting edge knowledge about Asian business protocols as well as global business.
Japan, Class of 2017
2015 Intake, Full time