Student Ambassadors

As part of the National University of Singapore, the NUS Business School shares the University’s global reputation for academic excellence in education, research and service. With NUS being a comprehensive university with disciplines in medicine, architecture, engineering, computing, law, social sciences, and more, NUS Business School is in a unique position to leverage on the breadth and depth of the University, including accessing a vast and highly diverse student body of over 34,000 students on campus and a global network of over 220,000 alumni.

I have chosen NUS because of its excellence, importance in Asia and values. The programme is very enlightening and has amazing opportunities such as first class professors, internships, networking, exchange programs and social activities. It is a Singaporean symbol with great connections within the country and Asian markets.

Singapore is an exciting city full of life. It is impressive how international it is and how fast everything happens. It is very easy to travel around and find the most interesting destinations.

Francisco Bonomi, Argentina
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

It is indeed wonderful to be able to systematically accelerate learning about organisations, strategy and financial matters with equally self-driven classmates; to apply the lessons... READ MORE
It is indeed wonderful to be able to systematically accelerate learning about organisations, strategy and financial matters with equally self-driven classmates; to apply the lessons learnt not only in your workplace, but also to your own personal life; and to synergise ideas from classmates of diametrically different fields.

Much credit has to be given to the NUS MBA curriculum team in designing a highly flexible programme for the students. This is especially imperative for part time students like myself, who have to be able to juggle studies and varying periods of intensive work. The myriad of elective modules also afford students to pursue respective modules that are most relevant to their ideal post MBA occupations.

Glen Liau, Singapore
Class of 2016 (2014 Intake, Part-time)

Studying with many bright people from all over the world has given me the privilege to glean new knowledge from them and become more aware culturally. Let ten different cultures share one classroom and you will realize that there is no one uniform way of doing things, like similarly there is no one universal approach to everyone.

Anton Finenko, Germany
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Part-time)

One of the most important questions you need to answer when choosing an MBA program is: “What do I really want from my it?” I chose the NUS MBA for its strong academic focus, unique faculty and other ingredients like extra-curricular activities and career development trainings. The NUS MBA is a symbol of excellence in Asia and Singapore and has been a pioneer in innovations to the MBA curriculum with elements such as the Communication Boot camp.

To be exposed to the Asian context when analyzing global business challenges has opened my mind to different perspectives and helped me to grow as a person. I will always remember the time in the classroom for the many friendships I forged during my time here.

Fernando Lopez Arce, Mexico
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

NUS MBA is a journey of self-discovery, culture immersion and leadership improvement. The most valuable asset I learnt is “leading from who you are”, which is provided during the MC camp at the very beginning of MBA life. Also, the real beauty for NUS MBA program is that it provides multiple opportunities to enable you fulfil the transformative journey, including numerous global travelling experience, hands-on consulting projects with big companies (Management Practicum program), national level support for entrepreneurs and so on. Different people have different journeys, but the cohesive relationship among cohorts is always ready to support each other. Now, I am a summer intern in Microsoft Singapore. Life is never easy, but thanks to NUS, I am more confident and well-prepared for my future.

Yang Xiaolu, China
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

As with anything in life, what you get out of The NUS MBA depends on what you put into it. I’m 1 year into my MBA program and have put a lot into it, but what I’ve gotten out of The NUS MBA greatly surpassed any expectations I had. Different endeavors will yield different ROIs for the time you commit to them, and there are few that will offer better ROIs than pursuing an MBA at NUS with vigor.

First and foremost, there is the career ROI. We all look to get many things from an MBA, with the top priority being advancing our career so that we can make a bigger impact within our organizations, community and ultimately world in our short time here on earth. I went into The NUS MBA with a background as an FX trader seeking to stay in the same line of work but move into more complex products such as NDFs (non-deliverable forwards) or derivatives based out of South East Asia. Through the networking events hosted by career services, I had access to all of the global banks, and The NUS MBA brand is well respected in Finance, which ensured I made it through the first cuts in the interview process. Through these opportunities, I was able to secure an internship as an FX Options Trading Intern over the summer at an international bank, which hopefully will convert into a full-time role and accomplish my “career ROI” criteria.

Secondly, there is the educational component. The profs are great and classes interesting and informative, but where my MBA experience has been particularly enlightening is the opportunities outside the classroom. I’ve competed in a number of case competitions ranging from investment banking pitches to startups to consulting and they have further enhanced my ability to work with a team under pressure and compete against the best and brightest. These case competitions also involve visiting other universities, such as Bangkok for the Asia Venture Capital Competition, creating opportunities for more learning, networking and cross cultural exchanges. In addition to case competitions, there are study trips and exchanges of which I will have participated in 5 all around the world. They could be a blog post each, so I’ll just list them for simplicity. I’ve done short exchanges to Myanmar, Israel and South Korea and will be participating in semester long exchanges at NYU in Manhattan and LBS in the UK.

I’ve been able to accomplish my MBA ROI following one simple principle, say yes. If classmates approach you to join their case competition team, say yes. If you have an opportunity to get involved in student council, say yes. When you receive an email from The NUS MBA with an exchange opportunity, say yes. When a classmate approaches you about participating in a 70km desert race, say yes. Although the time commitments may seem daunting at first, with team work and dedication you can accomplish much more than you realize. And if you choose to do an MBA at NUS, everything you put into will generate opportunities ROIs in life many times more.

Sean Bellamy McNulty, Canada
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

The NUS MBA was perfect match and once in a life time experience for me. I could foster global network and cultivate cutting edge knowledge about Asian business protocol as well as global business through the NUS MBA life. What I learned from the NUS MBA will totally change my life in the future.

Tomoyuki Shigeta
MBA Intake 2015, Class of 2017

The program of NUS MBA is so flexible that students can customize their own journeys and maximize their MBA lives through exchange programs, club activities, internships and so on besides classes. Singapore attracts talents, and the network and the reputation of NUS help us mingle with them.

Shintaro Morizane, China
MBA Intake 2015, Class of 2017

I chose NUS MBA for its high ranking, significant number of alumni, and accessibility to abundant job opportunities in the region. On top of that, Singapore is not far from Taiwan so I managed to go back home every quarter, to take care of families and stay connected with my friends and contacts. NUS MBA experience and friends I made here are my lifelong memories.

Huang Chi Yun, Irena, Taiwan
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

An MBA is not just another round of studies. It happens at a time when you have enough experience to reflect upon and share. The NUS MBA delivers this promise in a unique and supportive environment. I got many “haha” moments when interacting with professors or classmates, especially when it came to understanding business strategies in Asian countries.

Coming from the government sector with a specialisation on environment, I chose the NUS MBA to explore different career options in the private sector in Asia and find out the specific industries and business functions I would eventually focus on. The length of the programme and the way it is designed – from a very intense academic start to hands-on electives and corporate missions – enable this transformative journey, as long as you are clear on what drives you as a professional. After a full-time marketing mission in a multinational company in tech, I am now excited to move to this industry on a business development role related to sustainable and smart cities.

Importantly, I feel very lucky to have spent the last year with incredible classmates. We leveraged our cultural and professional diversity in class discussions and during the social events organised throughout the year. It has been a unique experience, the one you wish to do again, even more intensively, as you realise the impact it has on your own personal and professional growth.

Delphine Morandeau, France
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

“When I arrived in Singapore back in August 2016 many people asked me, why did you come to Asia?

My decision was driven mostly by my desire to explore and experience firsthand what is happening in this part of the world. Furthermore, I decided to come to Singapore for three reasons: Location, Economic momentum, and high education level. I chose NUS MBA and it was the best decision for my life and professional life.” NUS MBA life, being a Peruvian in Singapore turns out to be a unique experience, since there are only 90 Peruvians in Singapore, according to the Peruvian embassy. Therefore, if you meet a Peruvian someday in Singapore fell yourself lucky, because the probability of running into a Peruvian in Singapore is 0.000018% which is also the probability of you winning the lottery in some countries.

When I arrived in Singapore back in August 2016 many people asked me, why did you come from far? Due to the fact that in the best scenarios you have to take a 34 hours’ flight and the time difference is more than 12 hours.

My decision was driven mostly by my desire to explore Asia and experience in firsthand what is happening in this part of the world. Furthermore, I decided to come to Singapore for three reasons: Location, Singapore is strategically located in South East Asia, furthermore, most of all the big companies have their headquarters here giving to Singapore a strategic advantage. Secondly, momentum South East Asia economic outlook is quite positive, basically a major number of countries such as Laos, Vietnam, and Indonesia have a strong GDP growth forecast. And last but not least, high education level. NUS is one of the top Business School in Asia, and very well known outside Singapore.

To sum up, if you meet another Peruvian in the future, imagine winning the lottery because of the chances of meeting one of my kinds is extremely rare.

Joao Núñez, Peru
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

“What do you really want in life”? I entered the NUS MBA because I want an answer to that pivotal question. A brief background about me, I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Graduated from medical school and ended up working for a local investment bank because I thought my true calling lies in the complexity of the market.

I still remember my first day in the program. We were bombarded by so many activities, ranging from classroom activities, student clubs, NUS & Singapore events and so on. Elected as the President of the Finance Club, I led my fellow cohort in organizing such programs as financial modeling course, Bloomberg Terminal training and FOMC live coverage event. However, despite trying many things, I feel like I was still missing out on the holistic MBA experience, so starting from the first day, we were required to prioritize.

NUS was an easy choice for me because it offered the best finance program in Asia. For finance-aspired students, NUS MBA is like an outer heaven. Here we get the access to world-class facilities such as the CAMRI (Centre for Asset Management Research & Investments) lab, trading lab, student-managed fund and subscriptions to paid research tools and data. The curriculum is tailored in the Asian perspectives within global context. And since Singapore is the financial center and trading hub in Asia, many great business leaders come and share their experience with us almost every week. This made me realize that I could learn so much not only from the classroom, but also the people around me who always have a story to tell.

The environment itself is a perfect learning ground. I knew personally a friend who never spoke a word in the class managed to become a charismatic public speaker because he enrolled and became the winner of a local toastmaster club. It is easy to find a place to stay and get anywhere here. If you are lost, the friendly MBA office will always there to help you. Exchange program, especially to the European and American schools is a favorite so as to complement our East and West perspectives. There are many people here who have traveled to more than 10 countries during their MBA.

I think the true purpose of an MBA lies in the time it gave you to think about your life. When working full-time, you don’t have the time to reflect, what is it that you really want? NUS itself offers you to finish the program by 17 months. A sweet spot for me as it is not too short nor too long of a program. NUS MBA really opens up a new horizon for any of my future plans. People and employers’ expectations differ when you have your MBA, especially from a top school like NUS. If you are reading this and you feel a burden that people put upon you because you are an MBA graduate, remember this, you are not alone.

Krisna Mauli Rachman, Indonesia
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

I joined NUS MBA as the youngest student. 24 years old with 2.5 years of working experience. People told me that it is too early for an MBA and they worried that I could not adapt to the competitive environment at one of the top MBA program in Asia. But I believe the saying: “One should not ask where the train will take him to, ask himself does he dare to step up first”. Without hesitation, I step up to the NUS MBA train and started my journey.

Looking back, I never ever regret…The journey can be summarized in 4 transformation milestones

1. From geek to chic

I was a geek with a degree in Engineering and 2 years of IT experience. My world used to be logically straightforward with if “this” then “that”. However, MBA changed my perspective. It cultivated my mindset with strategies & values thinking. I learnt how to view the problem by asking why we need to solve and what value it can bring rather than how can I solve it. I also learnt how to start a business from end to end with essential soft skills such as negotiation, interpersonal skill, which definitely complement with my technical skills.

NUS MBA program is the great combination between theory and pragmatism. I learnt not only from the lecture, but also from the cohorts and case study. MBA taught me to look at problems and opportunities holistically and equip me with analytical frameworks, such as risk assessments, cost-benefit analyses that I can apply to any problems or opportunities I encounter

2. Life begins at the end of comfort zone

I had to push myself out of the comfort zone to join the student council, be the ambassador to liaise with alumni and organize networking events. Someone told me “MBA is all about networking”. I used not to believe until I got my first internship through networking. I later met many interesting people and became close friends thanks to those networking opportunities.

3. Humility – an ultimate border where confidence smiles and arrogance smirks

Having chance to study and work with many talents from all over the world, I realized that my knowledge was very limited and there is always a room for learning and developing. Humility and open mindset help me grow, appreciate changes and become a better person.

4. Feel the intangible, see the invisible and achieve the impossible

I knew the feeling of staying late to complete assignments, the feeling of partying until morning, waking up and rushing to class, the feeling of trying hard and failing harder. Failure is intangible and it happened frequently during my MBA journey but the invisible thing which I could see is the learning opportunity. I learnt to accept failure, be positive and keep moving. Sometimes, the experience you gain may be in the form of intangibility & invisibility, you could not feel, could not see but it help you achieve the impossibility in the future

Last but not least. The journey with NUS MBA is a journey of self-understanding. The time spent in business school help me understand my strengths and weaknesses, career interests, personal passions, doubts and uncertainties. I am thankful for the journey and looking forward for many new challenges after my MBA.

Su Dinh Khanh, Vietnam
Class of 2017 (2015 Intake, Full-time)

Student Ambassadors

NUS MBA is a journey of self discovery, culture immersion and leadership improvement. The most valuable asset I learnt is “leading from who you are”.
China, Class of 2017
2015 Intake, Full time