The NUS MBA Students’ Council


Experience your MBA outside of the classroom with our invigorating and active student life. From helming the leadership of the NUS MBA Students’ Council, organising the annual NUS Cerebration event or participating in case competitions – discover many opportunities to expand your network, discover your latent passions and build upon your strengths! The Students’ Council offers you immense opportunities to put your leadership and inter-personal skills to the test; be it in organising activities for the MBA community, fostering camaraderie or simply having fun participating in the activities!


The NUS MBA Students’ Council is the main student leadership body that comprises of five ExCo members and 11 Clubs that cater to the professional... READ MORE
The NUS MBA Students’ Council is the main student leadership body that comprises of five ExCo members and 11 Clubs that cater to the professional and personal development, as well as general interest of the cohort; Consulting, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare, Marketing, Technology, Cultural, Social and Community, Diversity and Inclusion, Sports and Wellness and Sustainability, Ethics and Impact. Each club is headed by the Club President and Vice President and together, they add value to the MBA experiential learning through various activities and programmes facilitated by the guidance and support of the Graduate Studies Office.

In addition to the Clubs, the function of the Students’ Council is also supported by five ExCo members, headed by Student Representatives who oversee the liaison and relationship management of three key stakeholders of the MBA programme. These are the Representatives for Academic Affairs who liaises with the Graduate Studies Office on academic and curriculum matters for full-time and part-time MBA, and Representatives who work closely with the School’s Career Services Office and Global Alumni Network Office (GANO). Together, the NUS MBA Students’ Council, headed by the Council President and Vice-President, aspires to serve the needs of the MBA cohort and to enrich the experience and learnings of the MBA journey with the NUS Business School.


Manav Narang, President (ExCo) | Roger Tan, Vice President (ExCo)

Our mission:
To enrich the NUS MBA experience by fostering a vibrant environment characterized by learning, collaboration and achievement. The NUS MBA Students’ Council is a student-run body that endeavours to bring about a holistic development in every NUS MBA graduate. The Council is headed by the President, the Vice-President and fellow club leaders, who together coin the agenda for student activities during the academic year. Activities encompass both professional and personal development through frequent invitational cocktails, networking nights, cultural events, social activities, workshops, industry visits, alumni and industry engagements. As the President and the Vice-President of the Council, we primarily involve ourselves in planning the overall events of the student cohort, working very closely with each of the Clubs and Student Representatives, in managing external student relations of the MBA cohort, acting as the primary liaison for the MBA Office and in ensuring continuous improvements in the Council and the cohort. With these activities and focus of the Council, we are confident on further sustaining a healthy NUS MBA environment characterized by Learning, Collaboration & Achievement. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries that you might have.

  Council Organization Charts:
Tarun Bhatia, Student Representative (ExCo)

The Representative for Academic Affairs works closely with the Graduate Studies Office and faculty members to maintain and improve the quality of the MBA academic programme. The main responsibilities include collecting feedback from MBA students related to the quality of the programme and curriculum, working with the Graduate Studies Office to improve the quality of the course modules, and helping to resolve any academic-related issues.
Kevin Xing, Student Representative (ExCo)

The Representative works closely with the Career Service Office and Global Alumni Network (GANO) to enhance and broaden the professional development and industry network opportunities for the cohort.
Aatif Ansari, Student Representative (ExCo)

In line to foster stronger engagement and relations with the part-time student cohort, the Part-time Students Liaison is tasked to represent the part-time students and serve as the voice for the part-time cohort across all batches. In addition, he / she is responsible:
      1. To serve as the bridge with the Full-time MBA cohort, as well as the School and Graduate Studies Office
      2. To work with the Academic Affairs Representative, in matters relating to curriculum and academic programme
      3. To work together with the Students’ Council in enriching and enhancing the MBA experience holistically in areas of professional and personal development for the part-time cohort

Andy Ye Chen, President | Ashish Dwivedi, Vice President

To create a forum to inculcate thought leadership and mutual learning to invigorate the NUS brand as the flagship consortium of strategy and consulting in Asia. Rooted in our core values of Awareness, Strategic thinking and Leadership, the club would strive to undertake initiatives and events to augment the capabilities of the aspiring future leaders
Kat Volante, President | Yuhi Harada, Vice President

      1. To cultivate an innovative mindset among energy industry enthusiasts in the NUS MBA cohort
      2. To foster meaningful connections among NUS MBA students, alumni, and energy industry practitioners

Douglas Tan, President | Gloria Guo Rui, Vice President

      1. To provide a platform for the MBA cohort who are interested to know more about entrepreneurship or innopreneurship to engage in discussions and initiatives.
      2. To provide insight to the start-up ecosystem, locally and internationally.
      3. To support and to foster long-term entrepreneurial initiatives and start-ups amongst the MBA cohort and with industry.
      4. To promote engagement and strengthen relations with the entrepreneurial organisations in NUS such as NUS Enterprise and NUS Entrepreneurship Society, and to spur interest in entrepreneurship at NUS among the MBA cohort.

Maggie Xu, President | Rudhir Barma, Vice President

      1. To further the interests of the MBA student and alumni body in the world of finance through networking events, career talks and workshops.
      2. To promote interactions with industry professionals in various areas of finance such as venture capital, investment research, investment banking, private equity, private banking,  sales and trading, among others.
Li Kejia Lily, President | Kurt Chang Che-Wei, Vice President

Mission: To help NUS produce business leaders with an impact in the healthcare industry by promoting a breadth of experiences for MBA students to explore opportunities in healthcare.
We envision the Healthcare Club as a platform to Educate, Engage and Empower our cohort in healthcare-related opportunities.
Shivangi Kakkar, President | Daniela Fernandez, Vice President

Marketing is a field driven by curiosity, and that is what we hope to inspire in our cohort. Through initiatives designed to further professional and personal development, we want to create an inclusive, active, and driven marketing community within NUS.

Explore: Marketing is a function that exists across industries and takes many forms. The Marketing Club will enable students to discover new forms of marketing and possibly new career aspirations.

Engage: Through internal and external collaborations, the Marketing Club will provide students with the opportunity to acquire and apply marketing knowledge in real business settings.

Embark: The club will help students prepare for life after the MBA by creating opportunities to network and build careers in Singapore’s marketing ecosystem.

We look to empower our MBA cohort with the tools and cross-functional skills needed to become responsible marketers in this global economic environment. We strongly believe that at the NUS MBA Marketing Club, there is room for all beliefs, voices, and talents to be unleashed.
Tulika Poddar, President | Abigail Ong, Vice President

The NUS MBA Sustainability, Ethics, and Impact Club aims to foster and develop Conscious Leadership among the MBA Cohort. It is a platform for the cohort to to make a positive impact on the triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit), regardless of industry. Rooted in its core values of Awareness, Sustainability, and Empowerment, the club strives to organize events and initiatives that advocate these ideals, in line with the skills and capabilities of aspiring responsible business leaders of tomorrow.

        1. To encourage the MBA cohort to apply business skills and interests in a way that ignites positive change by developing projects and activities that promotes sustainable growth
        2. To provide opportunities for the MBA cohort to make a difference through various volunteer activities / programmes and organisations to make a lasting impact on society

Gian Calayan, President | Srishti Marwah, Vice President

To organise activities and events that focus on 3 key aspects:
          1. Fun: Fun is the key essence of all activities and events planned by the NUS MBA Sports & Wellness Club.
          2. Foster Relationships: To build strong bonds and relationships internally within our NUS MBA community, and externally with the MBAs from other Business Schools and corporate partners, through our sports events.
          3. Healthy and Active Lifestyle: To promote a healthy and active lifestyle through the range of fun and exciting activities planned.

Pranav Pandya, President | Woot Tangpigulthong, Vice President

To ensure that the MBA cohort has an equally wholesome experience outside of the classrooms, and ensuring that not only do the MBAs study hard, but play hard as well.

            1. To foster life-long friendships.
            2. To create opportunities for cultural, social and community networking activities to strengthen bonds amongst the MBA cohort.

Pranav Talwar, President | Ipshita Gupta, Vice President
To develop and nurture business leaders at NUS MBA with technology-driven mindset. We want to facilitate opportunities in tech by concentrating on three spheres: learning, recruiting and networking. We shall provide the students with a platform to explore contemporary trends in technology; understand technology as business enabler; develop/upgrade technical skills; and engage with thought leaders/recruiters in the world of technology and innovation.

The club aims to achieve this mission through a variety of activities and programs, such as corporate talks that enable students to step in the shoes of a technology professional, conclaves that create awareness on the value of tech in today’s world, design thinking & rapid prototyping and tech recruiting 101.
Marcel Bandur, President | Christine Lin, Vice President

The NUS MBA Diversity and Inclusion Club prepares the MBA cohort for careers in forward-thinking corporations that value diversity and actively foster cultures embracing gender equality, LGBTQI+ employees, and colleagues affected by mental and physical disabilities. By cultivating a supportive and inclusive community, the club is committed to promoting a future-ready cohort with a progressive mindset, so as to enable world-class learning, networking and career opportunities.

  • The club’s objectives correspond to the 3 focus themes:
    Gender Equality: 1. Supporting the MBA cohort to pursue their desired career path regardless of gender. 2. Raising awareness about gender stereotypes and unconscious biases to help support partners, colleagues and friends both at home and at work.

    LGBTQI+ 3. Fostering a culture of inclusivity, so as to better comprehend the challenges of LGBTQI+ individuals navigating through corporate careers. 4. Highlighting the importance of LGBTQI+ -inclusive leadership to creating productive corporate cultures based on mutual respect, trust and support.

    Mental Health and Physical Disabilities: 5. Enhancing mental and physical wellbeing of the NUS MBA cohort, in preparation for corporate challenges. 6. Creating a safe space to promote dialogue and address stigma around mental and physical disabilities issues.
  • In many ways the NUS MBA was a journey of self-discovery and one after which I have come out stronger and ready to restart my career in earnest.
    Indonesia, Class of 2017
    2015 Intake, Full-time