Juan Pablo Tejada

Full-Time MBA Class of 2019

Immersing himself in Asia to achieve
his personal and professional goals



Latin America


Class of 2019

Pre-MBA Career:

Senior Backoffice Director, Asegruo/ACE Insurance, Insurance

Post-MBA Career:

Corporate Project Management, Disagro (Guatemala)

For Juan, The NUS MBA was a great cultural experience. He took the chance to do multiple exchange programmes – a short-term exchange in China at Peking University, and semester-long exchanges at Keio University, Japan, and New York University, USA.

He also introduced the Latin American culture to his cohort, teaching basic Spanish over lunch to fellow classmates in preparation for their exchange programmes to Spain!


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How did you take advantage of the learning opportunities offered by the programme, to achieve your personal & professional development goals?

I wanted a well-rounded skillset for the corporate business world and develop a network in Asia. I decided to take as many exchange programmes as I could fit in (in China, Japan and the US) to understand the different ways of doing businesses around the world in terms of culture and business practices. The ‘Doing Business in China’ course in Peking University was an especially eye-opening experience. More than 40 people from around the world with diverse backgrounds gathered in one of the best schools in Asia for a fully immersive 2-week course. Professors of various backgrounds shared their insights and we were able to gain a clear view of how the Chinese business world works.


Immersion in Asia

Short-term exchange
“Doing Business in China” at Peking University

Describe your most memorable experiences.

A few classmates had decided to go to Spain for an exchange so as one of the few Spanish-speaking students, I co-organised a basic Spanish lesson over delicious Spanish lunch with the Language and Culture Club. We focused on basic greetings and useful phrases to order food – enough to get around Spain! The Keio Business School exchange programme also gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people and fully immerse myself in the fascinating Japanese culture. My days flew by with various activities such as enriching company visits to established firms like Mitsuba Corporation and Titanium Parts Manufacturers, captivating guest lecturers, and exciting strolls around Tokyo, making my Japan stay way too short.


How useful were the experiential learning components for you?

Communication is the building block of any company, Being able to express my ideas, challenges, plans and solutions was a set of skills I needed to form before I landed a job in the company.


The ‘Doing Business in China’ course in Peking University was an especially eye-opening experience.

Juan Pablo Tejada Guatemala, Class of 2019