Kelly Bai

Full-Time MBA Class of 2019

Exploring opportunities beyond
China in risk management





Class of 2019

Pre-MBA Career:

Change Manager, Financial Crime Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank (China)

Post-MBA Career:

Product Manager, Anti-Fraud, Shopee (Singapore)

The NUS MBA has empowered Kelly to transition from a traditional financial banking role, to a dynamic position in Shopee in their Anti-Fraud division.

She also managed to make a social impact during her MBA by raising awareness on Youth Mental Health through a Desert Race in Mongolia.


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What was your key objective for doing an MBA?

I wanted to expand my horizons by exploring different industries, while remaining in my domain of expertise (Risk Management). I chose The NUS MBA to explore beyond China, to mix and interact with people from refreshing perspectives. I was also aiming for better career prospects.


Overseas Exposure

WHU (Germany), HKUST (Hong Kong)

What were some of the learning opportunities outside of the classroom that you took part in?

The NUS MBA offers tremendous opportunities. I learned a lot from electives – 30% of my electives were focused on Finance or Economics, 30% centred on Southeast Asian business environment and culture, and the remaining 40% was related to risk management. I took the opportunity to do a semester exchange in Hong Kong as I wanted to explore job opportunities there. Later on, I went to Germany for a short experiential exchange to understand the culture there. Beyond academics, I embarked on a desert challenge in Mongolia in a bid to raise awareness on youth mental health and received great support from The NUS MBA network is raising funds so I could make a meaningful social impact.


How useful were the experiential learning components?

The Launch Your Transformation bootcamp really enabled me to self-reflect on my personal and professional life. It crafted my communication skills for sure, and I started to become more aware of things "I didn't know that I don't know". The MBA Consulting Project was a very hands-on and interesting experience – in a team of four, we delivered a consulting project on compliance for Bank of China. Even though I was the domain expert in Compliance, I soon learnt that consulting was an entirely new area and it was challenging for me. What I picked up from this experience was mainly from observing my teammates – how to earn trust from clients, how to manage clients’ expectations and how to deliver solutions in a better way. These were practical skills that definitely groomed me to become a better professional.


Even though I was the domain expert in Compliance, I soon learnt that consulting was an entirely new area and it was challenging for me.

Kelly Bai China, Class of 2019