Oscar Aguero

Full-Time MBA Class of 2019

Stepping out of LATAM
to expand his network in Asia



South America


Class of 2019

Pre-MBA Career:

Senior Credit Risk Analyst, Interbank(Peru), Financial Services

Post-MBA Career:

Credit Risk Manager, BP(Budapest), Oil & Gas

Hailing from Latin America in Peru, Oscar stepped entirely out of his comfort zone to the East during The NUS MBA, gaining exposure as an associate intern at Expara in Singapore; participating in the week-long Global Immersion Programme (GIP) in Hong Kong and trekking in the Tengger Desert of Inner Mongolia, China at the 8th Asian Pacific Desert Challenge.

Oscar also broadened his exposure to the American and European markets during his management practicum at PayPal and a semester-long exchange in New York University (NYU) and a short-term exchange in Mannheim Business School in Cologne, Germany.


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How did you take advantage of the learning opportunities offered by the programme, to achieve your personal & professional development goals?

I achieved my development goals through my two-year NUS MBA programme. The position of VP of Finance club allowed to enhance my leadership skills and to expand my network in Asia. Doing two exchanges programmes expanded my job market opportunities further as well built on my business knowledge in the American and European markets.


Overseas Exposure

The 8th Asian Pacific Desert Challenge, China

Describe one or two of the most memorable experiences during your MBA journey.

I enjoyed the exchange semester at NYU tremendously. I gained so much knowledge about Finance and the recruitment process in Tech and Consulting as well as Investment Banking. Spending a semester in New York gave me an opportunity to expand my network and to find job opportunities in the US Market. Definitively, this experience boosted my career prospects.


How useful/impactful was the experiential learning components for you?

Extremely important! Coming from Latin America with no work experience in Asia, the Management Practicum with PayPal unlocked many internship opportunities not only in Singapore but also across Southeast Asia. I also had the chance to visit Silicon Valley and had a great exposure to tech industry.


Spending a semester in New York gave me an opportunity to expand my network and to find job opportunities in the US Market.

Oscar Aguero Peru, Class of 2019