Yuto Nogawa

Full-Time MBA Class of 2019

Pursuing a career in
professional and life coaching





Class of 2019

Pre-MBA Career:

Sales Representative, Johnson & Johnson Medical Company

Post-MBA Career:

Coach, Tomoshibi Project

For Yuto, who started out in the medical industry as a Business Development Manager at Johnson & Johnson, The NUS MBA uncovered his entrepreneurial spirit. This propelled him to kickstart his business in an entirely different pursuit, in professional and life coaching, after his MBA journey.

To date, he has consulted over 30 major business clients in Osaka, Japan, and continues to inspire business leaders in Japan to discover their voice in both their personal and professional lives.


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What were some of the learning opportunities outside of the classroom that you took part in?

I did a short-term 10-day exchange to Israel at the Coller School of Management in Tel Aviv University. The programme framed the central aspects of doing business in Israel within the context of the country's booming high-tech economy and the emergence of global Israeli companies. I learned more about the unique synthesis between state-of-the-art academic studies and practical, hands-on experience with the Israeli high-tech industry and its leaders by going for onsite visits to start-ups, a cultural village and to religious places.


Overseas Exposure

10-day short exchange in Israel at the
Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University

If you had to choose one, which was the most rewarding elective?

Asia Business Environment was the most rewarding elective for me. It was highly relevant to my work: My main role at Siemens at that time was new business development in Asia. It was very important for me to understand more about the people and business cultures in the region, so that I could provide the most relevant solutions effectively to my clients. This module gave me a much deeper understanding of region from a cultural, religious and historical perspective.


How has The NUS MBA shaped your career?

The international exposure and global perspectives gained during the programme has successfully broadened my horizon and sharpened my business acumen. I was struggling to find my own strengths as everyone else was so talented and unique. However, over time, I discovered “coaching” as my way to contribute to the world. Through the programme, I was able to find my niche in professional coaching as I interacted and connected with a very diversified group of classmates. In that context, every relationship built and established during The NUS MBA has helped me to identify my strengths and gave me the confidence to kickstart my professional coaching business in Japan.


“People” is the best reason why I want to recommend the programme, because the power of strong connections and relationships established here is what can inspire, encourage and support me in my future goals. Everyone has his or her own dreams and passions. That is why, in The NUS MBA, students positively influence, stimulate, support and connect with one another. It is this synergy and bonding among students that I believe would help to bring about great impact globally.

Yuto Nogawa Japan, Class of 2019