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Christine Lin, Taiwan

The NUS MBA Class of 2020

Job Title

Describe your personal brand.

A career mum who wants to build an equal work environment and culture for the younger generation. I worked for the government before joining The NUS MBA, and I’m skilled at connecting with resources and business strategy planning. I currently work in the venture capital industry, standing with start-ups to grow and help society, and I hope to one day serve as a role model for the younger generation.

What were you doing before The NUS MBA?

I have 5+ years of experience in marketing strategy, project management, and product management: Lion Travel, the biggest travel agency in Taiwan, as Management Associate; Deloitte, as Project Manager in Client, Industry and Market; and Taiwan Parliament, as Legislative Counsel of Legislative Yu.

I graduated in agricultural economics at National Taiwan University (NTU) with two presidential awards, among the top 5% in my class. I also finished a quantitative financial analyst programme at NTU.

Why did you pick NUS?

I have always wanted to study abroad to get international exposure. I would like to pursue long-term career development opportunities in Asia. Therefore, NUS was my best choice because of the following reasons: #1 NUS is well established in Asia, and has a broad network in the region - not only in Singapore, but also across Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Korea. This would help me establish a professional network in Asia. #2 All the case studies in the programme are Asia focused, so students are able to learn more about how business works in Asia. #3 It is a 17-month programme, for those planning to change their careers, this gives more time to prepare themselves. Also, the curriculum is quite flexible, you can tailor the modules based on your goals. I believe that NUS can assist me to "Lead from Asia."

Please share your key achievements and leadership roles on the programme.

I'm Vice President of The NUS MBA Diversity & Inclusion Club. I’m responsible for organising events to connect tech industry experts from leading companies such as Facebook, Visa, Uber, and Carrot, to our students, so they can learn the latest business practices, and discuss how businesses can be more inclusive in their talent recruitment and growth strategies.

This year, I'm collaborating with CEIBS and HKUST to launch a series of initiatives to connect mentors and students in different regions to help female candidates climb up the corporate ladder.

What has been the single most stand-out experience of your MBA?

The NUS MBA offers practical, hands-on learning opportunities. In my second semester, I chose to take the Lean LaunchPad experiential elective, during which I partnered with researchers to work on a start-up idea on alternative protein. I helped conduct more than 30 interviews and planned the go-to-market strategy. It was an incredible journey, guided by an experienced team, and you get to apply what you've learned to the real world and make an impact.

Another memorable experience was the MBA Consulting Project, where I got to work in venture capital. During that time, I led a team of four to research emerging trends in Southeast Asia. I also learned a lot during the project by working closely with the client.

Tell me something about The NUS MBA that others might not know.

There are about 200 students a year, so this helps create close bonds. We have an unofficial mantra: "High Challenge, High Support." Instead of competing with one another, we collaborate together and help each other along this learning journey.

Who is your personal hero? What is it about him/her that you admire?

I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book "Lean In" in my early 20s, and it taught me useful advice, such as “don't leave before you leave” and “lean in to the table”. I was inspired by her and my former boss (Legislative Yu), which made me decide to pursue my further studies abroad when my daughter was two (she is three now 🙂). I want to be a role model for my daughter, and I want her to know that she can still pursue her dreams after marriage and having kids.

Another inspiration drawn from Sheryl and my former boss is that I want to build an equal world, and that's why I ran for the diversity and inclusion club.

Where do you see yourself in 5 - 10 years’ time?

Before doing my MBA, I observed the challenges Taiwanese start-ups faced in growing and expanding overseas. Lack of resources and networks is one of the reasons. Hence, I decided to learn more about the start-up ecosystem during my MBA journey. I've done a winter internship in a Taiwanese mobility and energy start-up. And currently, I'm doing a summer internship in a venture capital in Southeast Asia. In the future, I’d like to assist a start-up or company to grow. I feel my learning and NUS network can help me to achieve this goal.

What advice would you give to other MBA aspirants?

Plan your study and career plan ahead, before joining the programme.

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