The NUS MBA Highlights


The NUS MBA provides an energising forum for growth and discovery that will prepare you for leadership roles in today’s competitive global marketplace. Merging East and West, the MBA curriculum integrates Western business models and leadership tenets from a distinctly Asian perspective. Outside the classroom, overseas student exchanges, student-led study trips, business case competitions and other initiatives will expand your horizons and international network.

An integral part of the MBA journey, the Launch Your Transformation course you will be taking at the start of your programme focuses on vital “soft skills” that are essential for success in any leadership position.
Over five intense days, you will learn how to build better connections and professional relationships by analysing the keystones to effective communication, emotional intelligence and core dynamics needed to influence others.
This intense and interactive “boot camp” will spark new ideas and insights that will deliver essential leadership insights and guide you throughout the programme.

The course is built around four main pillars:
  1. Management Communication: Key principles of positive leadership.
  2. Conscious Communication: Building awareness and developing a daily practice of management communication principles.
  3. Self-Leadership: Self-awareness and the inner motivation to holistic leadership qualities and influencing skills.
  4. High Challenge, High Support: Cultivating an environment conducive to the practice of Conscious Communication and Self-Leadership

The second pillar of The NUS MBA Experiential Core – the MBA Survival Kit – allows you to build a solid foundation and empowers you with essential skills to excel in the MBA and beyond.
There are four parts in this experiential module:

  • Part A: Learn the eight scales of conducting global business and understand how cultural differences can make or break the success of a global company
  • Part B: Develop better self-awareness and interpersonal awareness to positively influence team dynamics and relationships with internal and external stakeholders. You will have the opportunity to interact in cross-cultural teams and with differing personality types to solve problems and work towards a common goal.
  • Part C: Learn various consulting toolkits to frame complex business challenges, devise a value creation model and leverage the right visual aids to illustrate the model
  • Part D: Acquire the skills on delivering solutions by understanding the business problem, analysing gaps, market dynamics and value proposition

You will get to directly apply concepts and theories acquired in the classroom to real-life business situation in the MBA Consulting Project. Analyse complex business issues, define core strategic issues, explore business opportunities, and improve organisational and managerial effectiveness with this hands-on consultancy project. By offering your expertise to the community, you will grow both personally and professionally.

Guided by a NUS faculty member, team up with 3-4 of your MBA classmates to work closely with company representatives on a specific corporate issue. Leveraging their collective interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, your team will research and analyse the issue and develop a comprehensive, in-depth business plan that incorporates financial, marketing, operational and strategic recommendations. Teams dedicate around 130 hours over a 3- to 4-month span on the project and earn four modular credits towards graduation. Upon your project’s conclusion, your team will deliver your findings before the company’s senior representatives and your academic supervisor.

Recent MBA Consulting projects:
  1. Redefining customer engagement through digital transformation – Going “Beyond Banking
  2. Define the digital transformation strategies for Singaporean Enterprises (SMEs)
  3. Market analysis on the Rise of Agricultural Food & Technology in the Region
  4. A Strategy study on the application of Blockchain for Financial Services
  5. Uncovering the next Southeast Asian Unicorns, specifically in Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines

The NUS MBA provides you with a solid foundation in general management combined with elective offerings to enable you to customise the programme to your unique professional objectives. In total you will complete 10 core modules and 7 electives. You may also take up to two cross-faculty elective modules within the university*, an option that is particularly beneficial for those interested in special interest areas such as computing, engineering and public policy.

*Allocation to cross-faculty courses is subject to availability and approval by the NUS MBA Academic Director. For all courses, the University reserves the right to revise the curriculum. Learn more about how your curriculum will be like and how your MBA will be structured.

Bringing with him a wealth of life experience, Mr Tan is a beacon of light for our MBA students in matters of studies, life and even of the heart.

Mr Tan is a beacon of light for our MBA students in matters of studies

NUS MBA is a journey of self discovery, culture immersion and leadership improvement. The most valuable asset I learnt is “leading from who you are”.
China, Class of 2017
2015 Intake, Full time