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Alumni Relations

1 November 2016 Posted by The NUS MBA Student Council

Joseph Cheng, Director Dinh Khah Su, Deputy Director Duangporn Gatepithaya, Deputy Director Alumni Relations Team (ART) is a team of fun-loving students organizing interesting and exciting events regularly for fellow students to interact with alumni. Fundamentally, ART helps Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) to organize a series of alumni events. The list...

Alumni Relations – Mentorship Program – 2011

26 February 2012 Posted by The NUS MBA Student Council

GANO, NUS MBA Alumni and ART jointly launched the Mentorship Program wherein students from the current batch were paired up with ‘mentors’ from the alumni. The objective of the program was for mentors to guide their mentees (i.e. current students) through the MBA journey.

Alumni Relations – Movie Screening Event – 2011

26 February 2012 Posted by The NUS MBA Student Council

The MBA Alumni – NUS, GANO and ART jointly organized a get-together for alumni and their family and students over a movie. And it wasn’t just any movie but the latest hit – The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn – and in 3D too! аддурилка гугл