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Those who are inspired, inspire others. Our distinguished academics with broad industry experience and seasoned business leaders bring frontline insights to your classroom. Their dedication to teaching, high-impact research and profound understanding of Western and Asian business environments create an exceptional learning experience when you join us.

Our Professors


PhD, University of Michigan
Nitin Pangarkar is the Academic Director of the NUS MBA programme and an Associate Professor in the Department of Strategy and Policy. The recipient of numerous accolades for his teaching and service, Prof. Pangarkar has broad experience as a lecturer in business schools around the world and a consultant for top-tier companies in the Asia, Europe and the United States. He serves on the editorial review board of the Strategic Management Journal.


PhD, Cornell University
Joseph Cherian is a Practice Professor of Finance and Director of the Centre for Asset Management Research and Investments. Prior to joining NUS Business School, he was an Executive-in-Residence at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, where he served as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council.

Prof. Cherian’s experience also includes various senior positions in the Quantitative Strategies Group at Credit Suisse Alternative Investments in New York.


LLM, University of London
Susanna Leong is a professor in the Department of Strategy and Policy and the Vice-Dean of the Graduate Studies Office, which oversees the MBA and Executive MBA programmes. Her research centres on intellectual property and technology-related laws.

Prof. Leong is an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore; a senior fellow at the Intellectual Property Academy of Singapore; and a member of the Singapore Copyright Tribunal. She also serves as a member of the Domain Panel of the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Centre, as well as a member of the Kuala Lumpur Panel of the Regional Centre for Arbitration.


Canada PhD, University of Toronto
Kim Sun-Bae is a Practice Professor in the Department of Strategy and Policy. His broad industry experience includes executive positions at Goldman Sachs, where he led teams of economists in Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Singapore and became a recognised expert on Asian macroeconomic analysis. Prof. Kim also served as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, managing the bank’s monetary policy analysis with a specific focus on Pacific Basin economies.


DBA, University of Newcastle
Sheila Wang is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences and the Academic Director of the Management Practicum programme. Prof. Wang has broad experience both in academia and industry. Before joining NUS Business School, she held leadership roles in Silicon Valley and the Asia Pacific, directing billion dollar operations for Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies. She has led teams of more than 100 business specialists to collaborate in the sourcing, evaluation, strategic partnerships and alliances of global organisations to deliver leading-edge technologies, services and products. In addition to her role at NUS, she advises Fortune 100 companies and serves on the boards of several U.S. universities.

World Class Faculty

PhD, London Business School
Nitin Pangarkar
PhD, University of Michigan
Strategy and Policy
Brian Hwarng
PhD, Arizona State University
Managing Operations
Sheila Wang
DBA, University of Newcastle
Decision Sciences
Joseph Cherian
PhD, Cornell University
Asset Management Research and Investments
Kim Sun-Bae
PhD, University of Toronto
Strategy and Policy
Audrey Chia-Chan
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Leadership in Organisations
Chia Ho Beng
PhD, University of British Columbia
Leadership in Organisations
Chu-Chu-Lin Singfat
PhD, University of British Columbia
Analytics for Managers
Markus David Taussig
Ph.D, Harvard Business School
Asia Business Environment
Ravi Jain
PhD, University of California at
Los Angeles

Investment Analysis and Management Financial Management
Srinivasan Sankaraguruswamy
PhD, Purdue University
Financial Accounting
Wong Poh Kam
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ishtiaq Mahmood
PhD, Harvard University
Strategy & Policy
In many ways the NUS MBA was a journey of self-discovery and one after which I have come out stronger and ready to restart my career in earnest.
Class of 2017
2015 Intake, Full-time