USA | Class of 2019

Stephanie Schultz

Enhancing her business knowledge through an Asian lens

Pre-MBA Career:

Sales and Management

The Hershey Company (USA)

Post-MBA Career:

Strategy Execution Consultant

BTS (a boutique Swedish Consultancy) (USA)

Moving from across the globe to Asia, Stephanie was able to enhance her business knowledge with an Asian perspective.
By taking on various consulting projects and Asia-focused modules, she also successfully pivoted her career from Sales to Strategy Consulting. She made lifelong friends across Asia and around the world on The NUS MBA.

What were some of the learning opportunities outside of the classroom that you took part in?

I tried to take advantage of anything and everything offered by the programme. Considering I moved halfway around the world to experience the programme (and away from family and friends), I knew it would only be worth it if I threw myself entirely into the curriculum, electives, networking both inside and outside NUS, leadership opportunities, internships, and more. Singapore is an incredible place to build your network and become involved in as little or as much as you want. I found the electives to be amazing opportunities to focus in on topics of interest – Asian Business Environments with Pasha was one of my absolute favourites. We had 24 nationalities represented in our one classroom – that’s exactly why the NUS programme is so special.

Describe one of your most memorable experiences.

One of my classmates from Sri Lanka (looking at you, Binara!) hosted a party with his lovely wife Rukshi who flew in local food and drinks to share with us. Not only did we try some amazing things, but I also got to meet a recent addition to another classmate’s family (a beautiful baby girl)! I vividly remember the feeling that I was surrounded by family and it’s a day I’ll never forget.

How useful were the experiential learning components for you?

It’s hard to realise how helpful all of the various components of the programme are when you’re in the thick of it. While I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes – the Launch Your Transformation bootcamp (and later on returning as an Assistant Faculty), my MBA Consulting Project with Aimia, etc – it’s when I have a tough client call, or meet someone from the Philippines, that I realise how meaningful each day was and how much it prepared me to better understand the world around me. Looking back almost a year and a half later, I wouldn’t have changed a single detail. It all helped me pivot my career into an industry and job I absolutely love and is an incredible fit for me long term.

What it comes down to is this: you get out what you put in. It can be a life changing experience if you let it.